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Price Computing Scale - MAXIMA 50

A new business tool specifically designed for self-service, with all the features and versatility that modern businesses require. With a sophisticated design, robust and user-friendly software.

1000 (10 associated lines, ingredients)
Direct: 100
Indirect: 900

Of graphic logos (in the header and baseboard of the ticket)
Different letter fonts (4 height scales and width)
30 label formats + 30 free formats programmable by a PC and attributable to each PLU
Bar Code EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, ITF configurable

Grand Total, Partial, Total by vendors, families, VAT, control by hours and day

To interconnect 99 scales, through RS 232, RS 485
To connect 32 scales to a PC, through RS 232, RS 485
To connect 32 scales to a PC, through ETHERNET (option)
Gate PS/2 to connect a scanner or PC a keyboard

Charge of labels through cassette
Attribution to each PLU of an external code with 12 digits EAN
Price offer and discount in function of the weight or amount
Tracing of the bovine
Net weight
Memorization and printing of all the tickets and labels made daily, electronic

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